Opencart POS Customer Screen

Opencart POS Customer Screen


Opencart, 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x

Last updated

23 Jun 2023


26 May 2021

Developed by Opencart partner

3 Months free support

Documentation included

Opencart POS Customer Screen: This will make the integration of the customer screen with Opencart POS. The extension allows the customer to ensure an error-free checkout from the POS system. They can validate the products add, order total, and other details of the Cart. The extension revokes the need for adding any special hardware to create the interface.

How to check this module?

- For checking the admin panel of the module, you can click on the "Live Demo" button  in the header, you need to click on the “Back End”.

- For admin login, you have to use the below given credentials

        - Username : demo

        - Password: demo

- After login, you can check for the module's configuration by navigating to-- Extensions > Extensions > Modules > POS Customer Screen

- For checking the customer view, you can click on the "Live Demo" button.

The user can easily Login the POS System (frontend) by using the Username and Password which is created by Admin.

After the successfully Login, the user will be redirected to the POS System (frontend) where he/she can view Cart Screen button on Left  Menu Pannel
- To view Customer cart screen, click on Cart Screen button which will redirect to cart screen.
- Go to POS page and add to cart product, same product will display on cart screen.